704 the People, is just that: for the people. It was created to educate and advocate for tactical urbanism projects throughout the Charlotte, NC region in order to address a variety of challenges and oversights related to living and moving around Charlotte. By implementing real (albeit, often temporary) change, the people of Charlotte can SPEAK UP and ACT OUT to make their public spaces better serve pedestrians, bicycles, dogs, food carts, strollers, outdoor movies, hopscotch, or any other public use. 



We are everyone. We are you. Anyone can come up with an idea and take it to the streets. Reach out for resources and support, or just to show us what projects you have created: 704thePeople@gmail.com 



Merriam-Webster’s defines tactical as “relating to small-scale actions serving a larger purpose” or “adroit in planning or maneuvering to accomplish a purpose.” Translated to cities, Tactical Urbanism is an approach to neighborhood building and activation that uses short-term, low-cost, and scaleable interventions and policies. Tactical Urbanism is used by a range of actors, including governments, businesses and nonprofits, citizen groups, and individuals:

  • For government, it is a way to put best practices in motion quickly
  • For citizens, it allows the immediate reclamation, redesign, or reprogramming of public space
  • For developers or entrepreneurs, it is a means of collecting data from the market they intend to serve
  • For advocacy organization, it is a way to show what is possible or garner public and political support

RESOURCES FOUND HERE: http://www.tacticalurbanismguide.com/


See tactical urbanism projects from around the world, below: